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During several years we gained our international activities. Important projects are the EU ASIA PROECO-project “community based landfill monitoring”, the KFW funded CDM project in China and a consulting job in Tajikistan for the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Additionally, we participate in projects in Brazil, Thailand and the Philippines. Most recently we worked for Worldbank in Kabul (Afghanistan)

pak_thBagh (Pakistan)

Reconstruction of waste management
an EU ASIA PROECO II-project

The municipality of Bagh was hit by a heavy Earthquake in October 2005, the infrastructure was totally destroyed. A new landfill was designed in the mountainous area, which will have low emissions only. It is operated as a MBT-landfill. More...


afg_thKabul (Afghanistan)

Composting pilot test in Kabul
a Worldbank-project of Gauff-Ingenieure

The disposal of so called nightsoil is an huge problem in Kabul. In a pilot test it was investigated, how to treat a mix of MSW and nightsoil to get a stabilized output for agricultural use. More...

JAVATHBandung (Indonesien)

Community based monitoring of landfills

There will be no safe landfills without strong environmental authorities. However, supervision requires proper landfill monitoring. Now, the local communities shall support the authorities to do their job. More...

kfw_thGaobeidian (PR China)

Methane minimized waste disposal
Feasibility study for public waste enterprise AWN (Buchen), funded by KFW banking group.

In Gaobeidian (PR China) German-Chinese PPP company shall reorganize the city`s waste management. Carbon credits will be generated contributing to the financing. More... 


Urban Environmental Profile
consulting project for the Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Development banks need detailed information about the performance of environmental facilities in order to assess the investment risks. The UEP for Tajikistan address those points for urban areas. More...

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